Au Revoir, Alexa! Dancing with the Stars S21:E11

It was showstopper night on Dancing with the Stars…whatever that means. In important news, Alek waxed his chest, Witney kicked Carlos where the sun don’t shine, Alexa brought us to tears, Derek had a nervous breakdown, Tamar was hospitalized, and Nick was just there. Oh, and there was dancing.

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1. Alexa & Mark
Routine: Contemporary
Judges’ Score: 30
Wow. We’re speechless. Obviously, her struggle with bulimia will resonate with a lot of people, but more than the story, the dancing was just phenomenal.

2. Bindi & Derek
Routine: Viennese Waltz
Judges’ Score: 30
We seriously just don’t think Bindi is human. There is nothing she can’t do, and wow, that lift in the middle was nuts. She looked like she was made of rubber. Julianne called her flawless, and she really is. Girl never messes up.

3. Carlos & Witney
Routine: Argentine Tango
Judges’ Score: 27
We loved it. The girls were hard on him, but we are inclined to agree with Bruno, who said he dug it. Our big time crush was in full force.

4. Nick & Sharna
Routine: Quickstep
Judges’ Score: 28
Ugh, the quickstep. Does anyone like this style? Nick looked good when he was not quickstepping, and Sharna looked like Jessica Rabbit. It was okay. We actually had to go back and watch it again because we had trouble paying attention the first time.

5. Alek & Lindsay
Routine: Salsa
Judges’ Score: 24
Lindsay was smart with the choreography. Alek did the lifts, but Lindsay was really the one who was doing the heavy lifting dance-wise. He waxed his chest for the number, though, so there’s that. He really tried.

6. Tamar & Val
Routine: Contemporary
Judges’ Score: 22
Unfortunately, Tamar is suffering from pneumonia and was taken to the hospital prior to the show, so a tape of their dress rehearsal was shown in lieu of a live performance. She was under the weather, and it was just a rehearsal, and you could tell.

Showstopper Team-ups:

1. Bindi & Derek with Alexa & Mark
Routine: Jazz inspired by Chicago
Judges’ Score: 30
Of course, Alexa and Bindi were great, but Derek and Mark were living for it. They were “all that jazz.” SO MUCH JAZZ.

2. Witney & Carlos with Alek & Lindsay
Routine: Paso Doble inspired by We Will Rock You
Judges’ Score: 24
Eh. The judges didn’t love it, and neither did we. It was cutesy but nothing special. With such a hard-hitting song, it really could have had a much bigger impact.

3. Tamar & Val with Nick & Sharna
Routine: inspired by The Beatles Loves Show
Judges’ Score: 27
Tamar rushed back from the hospital to dance, and we kind of wish she hadn’t. She looked like she was on the same hallucinogens The Beatles were on when they wrote that song. #getwellsoon

For the first time this season, America dropped the mirror ball. Alexa & Carlos were in the bottom two, and Alexa went home even though Alek is by far the weakest dancer left. Carlos proceeded to cry all the tears.

Dawson & Carlos Crying

Do you think he will cry more or less when he is eliminated. Only time will tell.

Until the next commercial break,

Laura & Paige