I Can’t Even…DC on TV Round-Up: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl

I am a literal mess right now. I just watched part two of the Arrow and The Flash crossover, and I’m still reeling. Too. Many. Emotions. I will pull myself together and get through this DC on TV Round-Up, though. I’ll type through the sadness.

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Let me calm myself down by talking about the show on this list that I find myself caring less and less about…


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“Red Faced”
Season 1: Episode 6

I’m going to keep watching, but every week this show slips further and further away from being something I find enjoyable. Monday’s episode featured a military-issued foe, The Red Tornado.

He was essentially unstoppable until Kara figured out how to channel her anger into something productive, otherwise known as defeating him/it. The Tornado was a military experiment gone awry with an incredibly vengeful creator.

And again, it was so boring.

Supergirl will always win. Even when she doesn’t win, she gets to come back and win later. Nothing feels like a threat.

On top of that, the villains continue to be laughably one-dimensional. I see some potential in Maxwell Lord and maybe Kara’s evil aunt. Otherwise, it’s slim pickings. I need some real stakes.

The Flash

the flash

“Legends of Today”
Season 2: Episode 8

“Legends of Today” was part one of the Arrow and The Flash crossover event. And, it did not disappoint.

To summarize, some greasy, evil dude arrives in Central City on a boat and murders a bunch of people by the docks. Team Flash investigates the crime. Meanwhile, said grease monster crashes Cisco and Kendra’s date and tries to kill Kendra claiming she’s some priestess lady. Barry (oh so conveniently) decides that Grease Ball has magical powers and only the Green Arrow and company can properly protect Kendra.

There’s bickering and bantering and a cocktail party before Kendra’s life is put in peril (again) and we get a dumping of backstory for the newest spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow. 

Kendra is 4,000 years old. She and her lover, whose name is Carter in present day, have been chased by the greaser (Vandal Savage) for centuries, constantly being killed and reincarnating.

Honestly, I didn’t give a fuck about this.

I care about Barry and his team and Oliver and his team. I’ll care about Hawkgirl and Hawkman (Kendra and Carter) when Legends of Tomorrow premieres. Until then, stop consuming my two hours a week of Grant, Stephen, and company.

The episode concluded with Barry and Oliver relocating both teams back to Central City to defeat Vandal and save Kendra.

Oh and remember that god awful, I-hope-it-isn’t-true plot point about Oliver definitely having some kid and baby mama walking around Central City? Yeah — that came up.

So, I called my emergency contact and said:

leslie parks and rec


the arrow

“Legends of Yesterday”
Season 4: Episode 8

Ya’ll my heart is breaking. There were essentially two plot lines in the conclusion to the crossover.

  1. The whole gang worked together to stop Vandal, succeeded mostly, and ultimately failed thanks to Malcolm’s move at the episode’s end.
  2. Oliver discovered he was for sure a father, confronted his baby mama, and was black-mailed into keeping it a secret from Felicity.

“Yesterday” had flashbacks to ancient Egypt, time travel, and Oliver acting as a matchmaker, and I still could only focus on the baby mama plot. It is just so aggravating.

Arrow has been known to use plot contrivances to get a reaction. But even for Arrow, this was a stretch. The only reason Oliver was forced into agreeing to keep the kid a secret from Felicity was to upset everyone and create unnecessary conflict.

Between Thea’s blood lust, the shit show that is Star City, and Damien Darhk looming large, isn’t there room for Olicity to be a happy, stable couple? Why the lies? Whhhhyyy?

And even though I see right through the writers for what they are doing to the fandom, the potential demise of Oliver and Felicity at the hands of the evil baby mama remains absolutely devastating.

Like I did on twitter, I’ll leave you with an image of my heartbreak.

Glass case of emotion

Until the next commercial break,