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Paige’s Weekly TV Wrap-Up Reactions 11/30-12/5

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written one of these. Laura carried the wrap-up torch for some time now, but I’m back and ready to share my reactions to this… Continue reading

Congrats, Bindi! Dancing with the Stars S21:E14

We did it! We made it through the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars! I’m not going to lie, there were some dark times (seeing Paula Deen’s upper thighs), but we stuck… Continue reading

Stay cool, Carlos Dancing with the Stars S21:E13

It’s the finals! We wish we were more excited about it. Is it just us, or was this season a little lackluster? Nonetheless, we’ll be recapping as always. Read on for our rankings… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-Up Reactions 11/15-11/21

It’s that time of the week again—time for me to weigh in on this week’s TV episodes. If you’re behind on any shows, you can check out my last weekly recap, or keep… Continue reading

Get Well, Tamar! Dancing with the Stars S21:E12

The dancers and “stars” got down to business tonight. With three routines per pair, it was a jam-packed evening of ballroom shenanigans. All that really matters is that Val is gone, and nothing… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 11/8-11/14

Paige and I attended a concert Thursday night, so that’s the reason for some of our missing posts this week. We’ll be recapping our concert experience, though, as always, so be on the… Continue reading

Au Revoir, Alexa! Dancing with the Stars S21:E11

It was showstopper night on Dancing with the Stars…whatever that means. In important news, Alek waxed his chest, Witney kicked Carlos where the sun don’t shine, Alexa brought us to tears, Derek had a nervous… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 11/1-11/7

So many shows, so little time! I’m watching so many shows these days that I can barely manage to stay up to date on all of them in a week. Can I just quit… Continue reading

Bye Bye, Andy! Dancing with the Stars S21:E10

It’s icon night and America’s choice dance-off on Dancing with the Stars! Erin Andrews is back, and I couldn’t be less excited about it. She is just so awkward, and I can’t stand it. For someone… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 10/25-10/31

Apologies for not posting my usual full coverage on Finding Carter and Heroes Reborn. I had my nose buried in a book all week, so I fell behind on my shows. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing… Continue reading