Welcome to PopCulturePause!


If you’ve made it to our little corner of the internet, you’re probably someone who loves TV and pop culture. Good, because so do we!

When we met a few months ago, we were just two strangers invited out to dinner for a girls’ night with a mutual friend. Little did we know this chance encounter would result in a friendship built on a solid foundation of shared fandoms and mutual fangirling.

What started as an excited freakout that we both loved The OC quickly snowballed into spouting off all of our favorite TV shows and pairings. Talking about TV turned into texting about TV, and texting turned into viewing parties, and viewing parties turned into, well, this.

Here, at PopCulturePause, we’ll pause our DVRs and take a second to ramble, rant, and rave about all of our favorite TV shows—and occasionally movies and other pop culture-related stuff too.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll review, and we’ll recap. And we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Until the next commercial break,

Paige and Laura