Denny Duquette! The Good Wife S7:E2

As Laura explained, we’ll be trading off weeks with The Good Wife and tonight’s episode, “Innocents,” is mine. Like a divorced dad who has his kids for the weekend, I’m excited and underqualified. The King’s sophisticated take on law and politics in Chicago is dense, intricate, and difficult to unpack in a brief blog post. Alas, I will try my best.

Say what you want about last season (I’m a bigger fan of it than most), but The Good Wife remains a standout show in a world crowded with prestige television. Let’s talk about it!

The Good Wife logo

Alicia starts the episode off in full bail bonds attorney mode. I’m so jealous of how quickly she picks things up. It’s there that she meets her case of the week, a young man who vandalized a piece of art. The catch, he was destroying a nude photograph his mother took of him when he was eight. Did anyone else think the actor looked a lot like a young Michael C. Hall? Mamie Gummer Nancy Crozier

Anyway, as Alicia dives into the case, her new lawyer friend, Lucca (Cush Jumbo), claims her rights to the case as the one who shared the client in the first place and joins Alicia as co-chair. She’s a good complement to Alicia — just as savvy and arguably more world-weary.

On the other side of the courtroom, “Innocents” brought back one of my favorite recurring attorneys, Nancy Crozier (Mamie Gummer). She’s the worst. Mamie Gummer leans into her awfulness with gleeful abandon. She has the presence of a teacher’s pet and the bite of a mean girl. Crozier is at her bashful best battling Alicia over this art case.

Alicia talking to Peter

Alicia’s face while talking to Peter says all you need to know about what an a**hole he is.

Meanwhile, in the world of Chicago politics, Eli’s plan from last week continues to move along nicely. Scheming Eli is the only Eli I need. Eli and Alicia scheming is a gift I never knew I wanted. Peter is so egregiously full of himself. It is disgusting. He has betrayed Alicia time and time again and now he’s done the same to his closest ally, Eli. What’s worse is that whenever he does something awful, he’s never remorseful or genuinely apologetic. He always has an excuse.

Margo Martindale

Margo Martindale continued to be fierce as Ruth, the campaign manager who has replaced Eli. Side story — my mom once saw her swimming at L.A. Fitness when she was just character actress Margo Martindale, not acclaimed character actress Margo Martindale.

Ruth is an awesome foil for Eli. It’s so nice to see someone he can spar with. I’m glad to have Alan Cumming back from Broadway and able to play a larger role in the season.

Confused Cary Agos

It looks like Matt Czuchry agrees that his subplot was boring.

Diane, Cary, and company didn’t have much to do this week. They were left to mostly bicker over Howard Lyman. I’m intrigued by the gay/not gay associate who made a move on Cary. Who else wants to see that happen?

Enough about the rest of the episode. I’ve stalled for far too long…

Oh my gosh you guys, Denny Duquette is back on my television and sexy as ever.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Alicia has such a crush on Denny aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I love it. He plays Jason the investigator, whom she brings on to help with the art case. I want them to date! Please date! If Alicia’s smile when she’s around him is any indication, I won’t have to beg too much.

Alicia Seeing Denny Duquette

I’m still giddy over that final scene when Jason agrees to work with Alicia.

Laura, I’ve got some questions for you:

  • Do you get the sexiness of Jason? Have I just been swayed by my time with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Grey’s Anatomy?
  • What do you make of the Diane and Cary plot?
  • Is Grace worth $80 a week?

Until the next commercial break,