“Discovery” The Good Wife S7:E9

Who else is full from Thanksgiving and bummed about having to work tomorrow? At least we have The Good Wife to make Sundays just a bit more bearable. Plus, now I get to talk with all of you about one of my favorite shows. Not a bad way to finish the weekend. Not at all.

(P.S. You can catch up on all of our thoughts on season seven thus far by reading our weekly reviews of The Good Wife.)

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For the second time this season, a case has brought Lucca, Canning, Alicia, Cary, and Diane back into one court room. This time, Canning’s client, ChumHum, is sued by a restaurant owner because of its map app for phones.

The app in question has a “safe neighborhood feature” that is racist and has catastrophic effects on businesses that happen to fall within those areas deemed unsafe.

To add another layer of complexity to the situation, the restaurant owner is not only represented by Cary and Diane but the lawyer who interviewed for a job at Lockhart/Agos a few episodes back. You know, the one who taped her interviews and released a video of the racism she encountered at the firm during the process. Needless to say, “Discovery” was The Good Wife in peak social commentary form. cary, diane, alicia, lucca in court

The writers’ handling of the case and the various racial issues at its center was fascinating and a true showcase of why this show is so excellent.

Elsewhere, Eli was busy scheming on two fronts. He wanted to test Alicia’s viability as a candidate for the Senate and stop any possibly flirtations between Jason and Alicia. I’m annoyed with him on both fronts. I want The Good Wife to give up on Alicia’s political career. In the finale I’ll be okay with a flash forward that shows Alicia’s rise to political prominence (Leslie Knope-style), but until then I just want to continue to see her lawyering.

As for the whole Eli getting between Alicia and Jason thing, I’m furious. Why does he get to break up such a good thing. It’s really a credit to Julianna Margulies that I’ve been able to shift from Will to Finn to Jason so seamlessly. She’s been making shippers go crazy for years. Remember her relationship with George Clooney on ER? Girl has got game.

Jason and Eli

I’m not sure if Eli succeeded in scaring away Jason, but it looks like he got the kind of traction he wanted from his focus group to warrant continued pursuance of Alicia’s political career. Oh good.

The case ended with a settlement where ChumHum took some responsibility for their actions, but the whole closing felt a little rushed. There was so much meat to the story that I think any satisfying conclusion in an hour-long time frame was going to come up short.

In big news, Cary asked Lucca out!!!!!!! Hell yes. More of that please. It would be so nice to see him in a relationship with a woman capable of normal things like dating. Sorry, fans of Kalinda. I never quite understood the appeal.

Sadly, a new episode isn’t airing next week. Don’t worry, though. As long as The Good Wife is on, we’ll be covering it.

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