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BØRNS with PHASES Concert Review

This concert was only $12. Seriously. You can barely even go to a movie for $12 these days. And for just $12, we really would have been okay with mediocrity, but the show… Continue reading

LIGHTS & The Mowgli’s Concert Review

Since Paige is a medium fan of The Mowgli’s and spotted their upcoming concert on Spotify, she suggested we go for our next concert experience. Laura had no clue who they were but… Continue reading

dumblonde Concert Review

Laura: When Danity Kane announced a comeback in 2013, my fangirl heart was about to burst. Making the Band 3 was my shit in high school. I watched every marathon. I boom katted… Continue reading

Jose Gonzalez Concert Review

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t actually spend all of our time in front of TV screens. Sometimes, we venture out into the real world, and this past Thursday, we visited the Variety… Continue reading