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Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 9/27/15-10/3/15

I was sick this week, so I was hoping for some really juicy TV to watch, but alas, I felt most episodes this week (with the exception of a couple of finales) were… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 9/19/15-9/25/15

Paige and I are only two people, and we like to think we have a life outside of blogging, so unfortunately, we can’t do extensive coverage on every show we watch during the week. That… Continue reading

This Episode Was Better than Sex. Masters of Sex ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ S3:E10

I’m typically not a fan of period pieces. That being said, Masters of Sex is my absolute favorite show on television right now. It’s beautiful, dark, and sexy, and it’s filled with a cast of… Continue reading