Teen Wolf Recap S5:E11 – Berserker Chimeras?

In the name of all that is holy, Teen Wolf is back. So, for an hour each Monday Tuesday, all the world’s wrongs are right, and I can kick back, relax, and enjoy semi-hairy twenty-somethings waxing poetic about good and evil before the bell for first-period rings.

“The Last Chimera”

It’s Paige this time. Laura and I have yet to work out a plan for how we’ll be jointly covering the show, but I do know that you’re stuck with me for the first two episodes. “The Last Chimera” was a shaky but still signature Teen Wolf affair. I’m ready to get into it!

teen wolf poster

Last night’s episode made me sad. Of course, it did so in the ways it was supposed to make me sad but also in other, less fun ways. It sort of feels like a shadow of its old self. It’s void Teen Wolf if you will.

There are too many characters and plot threads for anyone to get their due. It is as if the show is confusing fast-paced storytelling with jam-packed storytelling. I miss the former and find myself settling for the latter.

And that is devastating because this show was such a brilliant gem in its earlier years. I think they can course correct, though. They still have most of the main cast, Jeff Davis is a genius whom I bow down to, and there are great moments even now.

stiles sad

To be honest, this isn’t from “The Last Chimera.” I just knew Laura would be very upset if I didn’t put a Stiles photo in our first post about the show. Here he is looking as sad as he was during the entire premiere.

That’s all to say that I don’t want you all to think I’m hating on this show. I love this show. I am passionate about it (to an admittedly unhealthy extent for someone my age). Right now I feel like a concerned aunt who is watching her nephew struggle to transition to a new school. I wish I could step in, but I know it’s not my place and I really couldn’t do any more for him than his parents. I’m just settling for being there for him when I can be (Tuesdays, 9pm — set your DVRs!).

Scott and Malia

“My break up is harder.” “No, my break up is harder.”

Okay, so I really don’t have much to say about the episode at hand, “The Last Chimera.” It basically just tied up what happened during the midseason finale and set up the back half of the season. It had the momentum of a hamster on a wheel. Not ideal for a season premiere.

theo's pack

My name is Theo, and I had to genetically modify friends for myself.

Here’s what we know:

  • There is now a were-berserker because we all apparently want to watch a teenager transform into a teenager who looks like his arm is broken.
  • Hayden (Selena Gomez 2.0) is kind of on Theo’s side now? Maybe? Is she sired to him like the early Delena situation from The Vampire Diaries a few seasons back?
  • Theo is bad but also like good but also like bad?
  • Dad’s are back all around: Stilinski survived! Liam’s hot doctor of a father made his heroic, life-saving return! Papa Argent kicked ass and broke hearts (mainly mine) left and right!
  • Stiles broke up with Scott and Malia.
  • Lydia is comatose.
  • Parrish remains a hellhound, and hellhounds remain a mystery to me. Is he good or bad? Why do his shorts only burn off when the camera isn’t focused on his lower half? #askingforafriend

I wish my summary notes were more coherent, but the premiere was confusing AF, even for Teen Wolf standards. Here’s hoping things clear up next week.

Well, folks. That’s all she wrote (she is me, FYI).

Until the next commercial break,