Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 9/27/15-10/3/15

I was sick this week, so I was hoping for some really juicy TV to watch, but alas, I felt most episodes this week (with the exception of a couple of finales) were really dull. Keep reading to find out why.

Masters of Sex logo

Masters of Sex

Because this was the season three finale, a lot was going on. I loved the Bill/Libby confrontation in jail, and I’m so happy that they were finally honest with one another. I’m just bummed that it was too little too late for Libby. I’m really interested to see where she goes next season.

When Virginia kept glancing back at the airport, I was like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” She needs to be with Bill. Honestly, Dan is probably way better for her, but she and Bill just need one another.

Chasing Life logo

Chasing Life

I completely forgot to say last week that the minute Brenna and Finn became official, I knew they were going to bring back Greer, and what do you know? I wish I would have remembered to call it here.

That being said, it’s really a moot point since the show has been officially canceled. With the direction they took April in with the last episode, I can’t say I was surprised to hear the news. I’m sad, though, because while the beginning of this season was a struggle, I really felt like the show was finally going in a good direction again. I’m sorry it won’t be part of my weekly lineup anymore.

The Muppets logo

The Muppets

So, I barely laughed last week, and I didn’t laugh at all this week. This show is a total miss for me so far. I’m pretty bummed about it. I’ll tune in next week, but three strikes, and they’re out.

Heroes Reborn logo

Heroes Reborn

I had planned to do a full recap, but this episode was so dull, I had almost nothing to say. I desperately want to get into this show, but it’s just not there for me yet. The most exciting revelation was Zachary Levi’s character (probably not a good sign that I can’t recall his name) having some type of power. There really weren’t too many other noteworthy developments.

Project Runway logo

Project Runway

Not surprised Laurie got auf’d. Her outfit last week was atrocious, and this week’s was barely better.

I thought it was hilarious how split the judges were on everyone. Just shows how subjective and personal fashion can be. I thought Edmond was a good choice for the winner. His dress was nothing groundbreaking, but it’s definitely commercial, and it fit the challenge. Ashley’s was okay, but how many times is she going to do a crop top with a skirt? She needs to start thinking outside the box.

How to Get Away with Murder logo-vertical

How to Get Away with Murder

This show is still missing the mark for me. I’ll probably get hate for this, but I feel like the sex scenes are SO gratuitous. It’s like, “Oh, hey, we’re edgy. We are featuring a gay sex scene in EVERY episode.” I have no problem with watching gay sex scenes just like I have no problem with watching straight sex scenes; however, gay or straight, I’m not into watching sex when I feel like they’re shoving it down my throat to show off or prove a point. If it felt organic or necessary to the plot, I would support it 100 percent, but it feels so forced.

Also, I’m struggling to understand how there is so much murder always taking place involving Annalise and her posse, yet no one has gone down for anything yet. I know it’s a TV show, but come on. How much reality are we supposed to suspend?

Maybe I was just crabby from being sick, but this week’s episodes really disappointed me. Here’s hoping next week will be better!

Until the next commercial break,