The Good, the Okay, and the Absolutely Terrible. Dancing with the Stars S21:E1

Guess what, guys? Dancing with the Stars is back. Bruno is still obnoxious, Erin is still awkward, and the cast is still full of no-names, has-beens, has-sorta-beens, and haven’t-yets. Nothing too new to see… Continue reading

This Episode Was Better than Sex. Masters of Sex ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ S3:E10

I’m typically not a fan of period pieces. That being said, Masters of Sex is my absolute favorite show on television right now. It’s beautiful, dark, and sexy, and it’s filled with a cast of… Continue reading

Dancing with the Stars Season 21: Our Predictions

Dancing with the Stars‘ 21st season is upon us. We can’t wait to recap the show that housewives across America drink wine to. Here are our predictions for how the competition is going… Continue reading

“Welcome to the OC, bitch!” Rewatch of The OC S1:E1-E4

Since The OC was the show that brought us together, we thought it would be fitting to make it the first in our Rewind Rewatch series. Once a month, we’ll get together and rewatch… Continue reading

Bagel Bites, Anyone? You’re the Worst S2:E1

After watching “Sweater People,” I’m hungry for Bagel Bites and ready to spend infinite hours with this deliriously entertaining cast of characters. You’re the Worst is back, and it truly is the best.… Continue reading

We Are Your Friends Movie Review

I saw a commercial for We Are Your Friends a few weeks ago, and as a 26 year old who still shamelessly loves a ton of stuff marketed to adolescents, I was intrigued. It… Continue reading

Welcome to PopCulturePause!

Hi! If you’ve made it to our little corner of the internet, you’re probably someone who loves TV and pop culture. Good, because so do we! When we met a few months ago,… Continue reading