“Never Let Me Go” Finding Carter S2:E19

Tuesday nights are my favorite. I seriously just love this show. Angst just makes me so happy. I am such a weirdo, I know. If you’re behind on episodes, I don’t know what you’re… Continue reading

Get Well, Tamar! Dancing with the Stars S21:E12

The dancers and “stars” got down to business tonight. With three routines per pair, it was a jam-packed evening of ballroom shenanigans. All that really matters is that Val is gone, and nothing… Continue reading

“Driven” The Good Wife S7:E7

Hiya, folks! It’s me, Paige. I’m back from a two-week hiatus and happy as ever to be watching and reviewing The Good Wife. Laura graciously covered for me last week, but I’m excited… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 11/8-11/14

Paige and I attended a concert Thursday night, so that’s the reason for some of our missing posts this week. We’ll be recapping our concert experience, though, as always, so be on the… Continue reading

“Fight or Flight” Supergirl S1:E3

Who else feels like Supergirl has really found its rhythm? It was always good, but now it feels established.  I credit the easy chemistry of the main cast. Whatever made it happen, “Fight… Continue reading

“She’s Come Undone” Finding Carter S2:E18

Things are finally really heating up this season. Bring on the teen drama! I am nearly 27 and totally unashamed to say that I adore this show and all of its angst. If… Continue reading

Au Revoir, Alexa! Dancing with the Stars S21:E11

It was showstopper night on Dancing with the Stars…whatever that means. In important news, Alek waxed his chest, Witney kicked Carlos where the sun don’t shine, Alexa brought us to tears, Derek had a nervous… Continue reading

“Lies” The Good Wife S7:E6

Paige had to take a last-minute trip this past weekend, so you all will have to wait until next week to get her review of The Good Wife. In the meantime, you can keep… Continue reading

Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 11/1-11/7

So many shows, so little time! I’m watching so many shows these days that I can barely manage to stay up to date on all of them in a week. Can I just quit… Continue reading

“The Consequences of Longing” Finding Carter S2:E17

I feel like things are still just kind of coasting along on Finding Carter. I guess we’re in a mid-season lull. I’m really hoping for some crazy drama soon. I was shocked to… Continue reading