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Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 9/19/15-9/25/15

Paige and I are only two people, and we like to think we have a life outside of blogging, so unfortunately, we can’t do extensive coverage on every show we watch during the week. That… Continue reading

Adios, Victor! Dancing with the Stars S21:E3

Paige may have plans tonight, but never fear, I am still here to recap this week’s second episode of Dancing with the Stars. I’ll be covering all the missteps, awkward moments, and bad jokes—and… Continue reading

Farewell, Chaka. Dancing with Stars S21:E2

This season has been lackluster so far. We’re hoping it is too early to tell. Nevertheless, it’s Monday, so here’s our take on the night–best to worst. 1. Tamar and Val She had… Continue reading

The Good, the Okay, and the Absolutely Terrible. Dancing with the Stars S21:E1

Guess what, guys? Dancing with the Stars is back. Bruno is still obnoxious, Erin is still awkward, and the cast is still full of no-names, has-beens, has-sorta-beens, and haven’t-yets. Nothing too new to see… Continue reading

Dancing with the Stars Season 21: Our Predictions

Dancing with the Stars‘ 21st season is upon us. We can’t wait to recap the show that housewives across America drink wine to. Here are our predictions for how the competition is going… Continue reading