Paige’s Weekly TV Wrap-Up Reactions 11/30-12/5

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written one of these. Laura carried the wrap-up torch for some time now, but I’m back and ready to share my reactions to this week in TV.

I’ve already written up reviews of The Good Wife, Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow, and yet, I have more to talk about.

Let’s get into it!




Season 1: Episode 9

The logical side of my brain tells me this show is all kinds of ridiculous and that I shouldn’t be enjoying it, and then the illogical side says “Fuck it. This is awesome.” So, like in many other aspects of my life, I listen to the illogical side.

In “Guilty” future Alex turns herself in to warn the FBI that there’s another bomb. Of course, no one but her fellow Quantico trainees listen to her at first. Luckily, the trainee team pulls off a reasonable defense of Alex and convinces Liam to work to get her and a very seriously injured Booth out of the claws of a terrifying interrogator group.

Meanwhile in the past, the team learns how to profile serial killers from a murderous FBI hero excellently played by Anne Heche.

As far as my thoughts on the episode go, this show has thrown out so many twists at this point that I’m numb to them. I know we’re supposed to assume Simon has been confirmed as the big bad, but I say we’re too early into the season for that to be the case. My money is on Vasquez and Caleb’s dad.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy ex-girlfriend

“My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!”

Season 1: Episode 8

The mid-season finale of The CW’s charmingly adult, comedic musical was all about growing up.

For Josh, that meant accepting that he couldn’t relive his high school life. For Greg, that meant realizing that when his mom left his dad she wasn’t leaving him. And for Rebecca, that meant standing up to her mother and defending herself.

This episode was solid, but not the best. I hate it when shows dedicate too much time to guest characters that I don’t care about, especially when it’s my last chance to spend time with the series before the winter hiatus. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to dysfunctional Rebecca’s triumphant return in January.

You’re the Worst

You're the Worst poster

“Other Things You Could Be Doing”

Season 2: Episode 12

The past few episodes of You’re the Worst have suffered from comparison to the awesomeness of its mid-season stretch. Although I think “Other Things You Could Be Doing” was not among the season’s top tier of episodes, I do think it did enough to tee up a phenomenal finale.

The table setting is out of the way, and now we’ll get to bask in what’s to come.

Edgar and Dorothy decided to move in together. Lindsay finally seemed to grow as a person before finding out she’s pregnant with Paul’s baby. And Jimmy, against what I expected, chose to stay with Gretchen instead of abandoning her for the hot bar owner. If you didn’t tear up when Gretchen realized Jimmy stuck around, you’re a monster.

The Vampire Diaries

vampire diaries

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me”

Season 7: Episode 8

Sorry, people. I have been really inconsistent with posting about The Vampire Diaries. This Thursday, Laura and I were at a concert (Look out for the review in our concert section!). Since I’m too poor to afford a DVR, this post had to be relocated to my weekly wrap-up.

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” left me with the same content and slightly underwhelmed feeling I’ve had all season. I just can’t get fully into it.

I can respect some of their stronger plot moves. Teasing that Lily was alive in the opening flash forward was brilliant. Her death felt impermanent, like most departures on the show, only to have the bomb dropped on us that Damon was hallucinating.

I’m tepidly optimistic about the future of the season. Between Julian being on the loose and the Heretics all free from Lily’s control, they’ve all but guaranteed trademark Vampire Diaries‘ chaos. Throw in Caroline’s ever expanding belly and we have a lot to look forward to.

That’s my summary of the week! Look out for upcoming posts on the amazing freshman seasons of Casual, Master of None, and Jessica Jones.

Until the next commercial break,