Finding Carter S2:E21″Death of the Heart”

SO SAD. I was totally an extra in this episode during the pop-up party scene in the church, but Gabe was blocking me in the shot. What a bummer! Still an awesome experience, nonetheless. Crazy to see the scene I was in get aired and get to witness what a difference some music and editing makes. Movie magic is real, y’all.

Anyway, let’s get into what happened this week. It’s a doozy. Don’t forget to read my Finding Carter recap from last week first if you need a refresher!

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First up, Jared’s place got broken into. All $4,000 he made doing the underground parties with Carter was stolen, but he couldn’t report it since the money was made illegally. Carter suggested that they go legit and rent a space to throw the parties in, and they settle on an abandoned church…because no better place for a bunch of sinners to unite than in a church, am I right?

Jared & Carter find the break-in

Before the party, Bird gathered everyone to share that Seth had landed a DJing gig in New York for the summer, and she would be going with him because she got an internship at a gallery. Congrats, girl!

Max and Taylor planned a trip up to see his mom to make sure she was doing okay since his dad’s release and to try to convince her to move closer to them. They got a lot more than they bargained for when they showed up to find his newly released dad living there too.

Upset Max and Taylor

His dad laid the reformed act on thick, but Max didn’t fall for it. He kept egging him on until his dad lost it and beat the crap out of him. Cops were called, and his dad was cuffed and carted back to the slammer. That didn’t last long. Max’s beautiful face got busted, but it was worth it to get his dad out of the picture again.

Ben selling drugs at the party

Jared is in deep with loan sharks, and he pressed Ben to sell drugs for him again to help make up the money. Ben initially declined, but when Lori said Olivia wouldn’t be able to stay with them when she gets out of rehab, he decided to do it to save up the money to get her a place. Bad choice. Carter caught him selling and kicked him out to help keep their party from being busted by cops again.

Ben & Carter in the church

Unfortunately, it was too little too late. DJ Seth is officially DJ Death. Too soon to joke? Sorry. He bought some drugs from Ben, and it looks like it was a bad batch because he OD’d, and Jared’s CPR wasn’t enough to save him. #RIP Looks like Bird’s not making it to NYC after all.

PSA: Don’t do drugs, kids!

Jared with a cop

Looks like Jared and Carter might be in trouble after all—especially based on next week’s promo! I’ll be covering whatever goes down as always! Don’t forget to live tweet with me too.

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