Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-Up Reactions 11/22-11/28

It was a quiet week on TV, thanks to the holiday break. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! As always, I’m here to catch you up if you’re behind on any shows. Read my weekly recap from last week if you missed it or need a refresher before hopping into this week’s episode recaps.

I’ve also already posted a full recap of Finding Carter as well as my thoughts on The Good Wife.
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The Affair

I love how the premise of this show is that there are two sides to every story. Their multi-aspect storytelling is really gripping. It makes you wonder how differently you perceived an interaction from others in the situation. From Helen’s point of view, I was actually starting to think Noah was not so bad again. Then, they flipped the story around, and as usual, he was revealed to be the douchebag he actually is. He is so incredibly self-absorbed, and although I don’t think he’s the one who killed Scott, I’m really not rooting for him. He sucks.

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I’m so happy they finally revealed some of Allison’s motives for working with the Russians. I almost had a heart attack while Carrie was sitting at the café table with her and could have been assassinated at any second. I knew they wouldn’t kill her since she’s the central character, but still—very edge-of-your-seat kind of stuff. Looks like the guy who seemed too trusting of Quinn isn’t as innocent as we thought. It looks like they’ll be doubling back and attacking Germany after all. Carrie figuring out Allison’s involvement will likely be Saul’s saving grace since he is seriously running out of time.

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Paige will have her thoughts on this one up soon. I struggle with figuring out how to describe this show as anything but cute. It’s just really cute. It’s Kara’s naiveté paired with girl power paired with friendship paired with the triumph of good over evil. This episode revealed that Maxwell Lord might be a serious enemy of Supergirl. He also might be a serious love interest for Alex. There was a definite vibe going on between them. For anyone confused by the lack of continuity from last week to this week, this episode was supposed to be aired last week, but they switched it with the Thanksgiving episode out of respect for the Paris tragedy last week since this episode focused heavily on bombings.

As promised, this was a bit shorter than usual. With much of our TV shows on hiatus for December, Paige and I will be filling our schedules with many movies and concerts. Look for lots of new reviews very soon!

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