Crazy Hunnies! Rewatch of The OC S1:E5-E8

Since The OC was the show that brought us together, we thought it would be fitting to make it the first in our Rewind Rewatch series. Once a month, we’ll get together and rewatch one disc’s worth of episodes. After years away from Orange County, we’re back and full of opinions on Ryan and Seth’s bromance, Luke’s douchebaggery, and Summer’s lipgloss.

Did you catch our thoughts on episodes 1-4 of The OC? Don’t keep reading until you catch up!

OC Welcome to the Darkside

“The Outsider”

Plot summary: Ryan gets a job. Ryan makes a new friend. Seth gets jealous. Seth sabotages Ryan’s dates with Marissa. Ryan’s new friend shoots Luke.

“Do you think I could pull off the wife-beater? You know, switch up my look?” – Seth
*Ryan side eyes him*
“Gotcha. You’ve got your style; I’ve got mine.” – Seth

The OC wife-beater

Laura: Hey, Paige, do you think could pull off a wife-beater?

“I got a house party in Long Beach. Six kegs. Crazy hunnies.” – Donnie

The OC Donnie fist bump

Paige: I like to think that Donnie was one of Stefan Salvatore’s many past lives.

Laura: Mostly, when I hear him say “crazy hunnies,” I just think of Marky Mark.

“So, this happened in the parking lot of the IMAX movie theater?” – Sandy
“Shark movies bring out a rough crowd.” – Seth


Laura: That Range Rover is Range Over.

Paige: The Range Rover is practically the fifth member of the Cohen-Atwood family.

“I remember as a kid when I saw a limousine driving, I’d always try to see through the tinted window, wondering what kind of life the people inside lived, how glamorous and lucky. Who knew, right? You knew. You were probably in there staring back at me, which means I’ve been jealous of you since I was eight.” – Julie

Laura: This is probably my favorite Julie moment ever.

Paige: I’m more about bitch Julie.

“The Girlfriend”

Plot summary: Caleb comes to town. His new girlfriend is hot. New girlfriend seduces Ryan. Summer kisses Seth. Marissa loses her v-card to Luke. (Ew.)

“I wonder what his new girlfriend’s like.” – Kirsten
“I’m sure she is very well paid.” – Sandy

The OC Gabrielle

Paige: Classic Sandy snark.

Laura: This was perfect foreshadowing for Caleb’s character.

“She’s known that guy since he was eating paste.” – Gabrielle
“I think he still does.” – Seth

Seth Ryan Hot Tub


Paige: Do you get the attraction to Luke?

Laura: Not at all. Why, Marissa? Why?

“Is this too slutty to wear to an old guy’s birthday party? I don’t want the dude to have a coronary.” – Summer



Paige: This is the first glimpse of the Summer to come.

Laura: She’s actually starting to be funny for the right reasons.

Paige: And with the kiss at the end, finally the true beginning of Seth and Summer. Be still my shipper heart.

“The Escape”

Plot summary: The gang goes to Tijuana. Jimmy moves out. Seth and Summer share a bed. Luke cheats on Marissa with Holly (again). Marissa catches them. Marissa ODs.

“Comic-Con is basically a bunch of pathetic virgins ogling some pornstar dressed as Catwoman.” – Seth
“I thought you went every year.” – Ryan

Sandy, Seth, Ryan in the Kitchen


Paige: This episode predates Comic-Con being cool.

Laura: Wait. Comic-Con is cool?

“This is gonna be awesome.” – Seth
“She’s hot stuff, son.” – Sandy
“…And now it’s ruined.” – Seth

summer and marissa tijuana

Paige: Why wasn’t I that hot in high school? I had a middle part until sophomore year, and I wasn’t aware that mirrors could show me the back of my head.

“I think it’s time we pay lip service to our lip service.” – Seth
“Two words: no tongue.” – Summer

The OC Seth-Summer Breakfast

Laura: They’re basically married already.

“The Rescue”

Plot summary: Marissa is hospitalized. Julie tries to institutionalize her. Ryan takes an admissions test. The gang rescues Marissa. Ryan stages Julie’s intervention. Marissa moves in with Jimmy. Ryan gets into Harbor.

Soooo…this episode was highly emotional and therefore highly unquotable.

In lieu of witty remarks, please enjoy Summer and Marissa in candy-striper outfits.

summer candy-striper

marissa candy-striper

Slowly but surely, we’ll make it through the whole series. Emphasis on the slowly. Like snail speed.

Until the next commercial break,

Laura and Paige