Stay cool, Carlos Dancing with the Stars S21:E13

It’s the finals! We wish we were more excited about it. Is it just us, or was this season a little lackluster? Nonetheless, we’ll be recapping as always. Read on for our rankings of tonight’s couples.

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1. Bindi & Derek
Judge mentor: Carrie Ann
Routine: Quickstep to the Dancing with the Stars orchestra
Judges’ score: 30
The judges went crazy over it, but it was really just more of the same to us. Good but nothing extraordinary. She’s had so many perfect or near-perfect numbers that she’s really gotta pull something spectacular out of her hat to be surprising these days.

Freestyle routine: Contemporary to “Footprints in the Sand”
Judges’ score: 30
Again, this was obviously a beautiful dance. Bindi never seems to put a foot out of place. The dance really moved the audience, but weirdly, we felt nothing. Are we just over Bindi? Was Paige ever on Team Bindi? #no

2. Nick & Sharna
Judge mentor: Julianne
Routine: Jive to “Runaway” by Bruno Mars
Judges’ score: 30
He’s definitely made a huge comeback since his first attempt at the jive. For one, he stayed vertical. It was fun, high energy, and entertaining.

Freestyle routine: Hip Hop to “Larger than Life”
Judges’ score: 30
Laura loves Nick. She voted for him. Paige abstained. We were entertained, though. Maybe kind of self-absorbed that he danced to his own song, but somehow it was less egotistical than when Tamar did it. It’s obvious where our allegiance lies.

3. Alek & Lindsay
Judge mentor: Carrie Ann
Routine: Rumba to “The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore” by James Morrison
Judges’ score: 27
Alek has never been known for his hip action, but he still delivered a decent performance. Unfortunately, his technique pales in comparison to the other finalists.

Freestyle routine: Contemporary to “Marchin’ On”
Judges’ score: 30
Paige says this is her favorite of all the dances they’ve done. It was definitely a step up for Alek. We liked the obstacle course theme and how they incorporate the set into the dance. Props to Lindsay for her continuously awesome choreography. She really knows how to minimize her partners’ weaknesses and play to their strengths. Alek probably wouldn’t have gotten as far without her.

4. Carlos & Witney
Judge mentor: Bruno
Routine 1: Foxtrot to “The Hills” by The Weeknd
Judges’s score: 30
We loved it. It really showed the progress he’s made as a ballroom dancer. The moves were sharp and strong, and nothing looked awkward about it.

Freestyle routine: Hip Hop/Salsa to “WTF” by Missy Elliott
Judges’ score: 30
Super disappointing. Glad they went at the beginning; it would have been an awful number to close out the show. Such a bummer because it seemed like it could have been really good based on the package, but it just didn’t deliver. And Paula Deen???? WHY?

Expectedly, Carlos didn’t make the cut. Bindi, Nick, and Alek will face off for the trophy tomorrow night, and we’ll be covering all the dramatics on here and on twitter. Make sure to tune in!

Until the next commercial break,

Laura & Paige