Get Well, Tamar! Dancing with the Stars S21:E12

The dancers and “stars” got down to business tonight. With three routines per pair, it was a jam-packed evening of ballroom shenanigans. All that really matters is that Val is gone, and nothing will ever be the same (Paige might have forced Laura to include that).

In case her constant presence tonight confused you, Alexa was in fact eliminated last week. If you missed the season highlight, Carlos’ breakdown over her departure, check out our last Dancing with the Stars recap. #DawsonTears

If you’re already caught up, keep reading for our hot takes on tonight’s semi-finals!

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Round One

1. Carlos & Witney
Routine: Contemporary
Judge’s Score: 28
We were totally on board with Bruno. What were Carrie Ann and Julianne thinking? That dance was one of their best routines in a while. Plus Carlos was shirtless, which is always a bonus.

2. Bindi & Derek
Routine: Salsa
Judge’s Score: 27
This was kind of underwhelming. Bindi picked the wrong time to have an off dance. After being perfect for so long, her missteps were actually kind of humanizing. It’s a relief that she’s not some dancing robot.

3. Alek & Lindsay
Routine: Viennese Waltz
Judge’s Score: 30
Even though he’s not our favorite, there’s really nothing negative we can say. What has the world come to that Alek was the highest  scoring routine of the night?

4. Nick & Sharna
Judge’s Score: 24
This was the definition of a hot mess. There was even a pause for a pep talk. #nevergood We think the judges were surprisingly kind about it. Laura was very thankful for that.


Carlos & Witney vs. Alek & Lindsay
Routine: Cha Cha
Judge’s Winner: Carlos & Witney

Bindi & Derek vs. Nick & Sharna
Routine: Samba
Judge’s Winner: Bindi & Derek

Trio Routines

1. Bindi & Derek + Mark 
Routine: Jazz
Judge’s Score: 30
This was perfection. Bindi quickly bounced back to her flawless self.

Tied with…

1. Carlos & Witney + Karina
Routine: Charleston
Judge’s Score: 29
What drugs was Carrie Ann on? This dance was awesome! Karina was a great addition to the team.

2. Nick & Sharna + Peta
Routine: Salsa
Judge’s Score: 30
Laura strongly believes that once Nick puts his power hat on there is no stopping him. After this routine, Paige has a hard time disagreeing with her.

3. Alek & Lindsay + Emma
Routine: Argentine Tango
Judge’s Score: 27
This was classic Alek. We agreed with the judges that the beginning was better than the end. Alek is great at standing still and lifting, though.

With Tamar bowing out due to serious health issues, no one was eliminated tonight. All four remaining pairs will compete for the mirror ball next week.

We have a feeling that Bindi is going to easily wipe the floor with her competitors, but in our heart of hearts we’re team boy band. Laura is gunning for Nick, and Paige has a mild interest in Carlos winning.

Until the final commercial break,

Paige and Laura