Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 11/1-11/7

So many shows, so little time! I’m watching so many shows these days that I can barely manage to stay up to date on all of them in a week. Can I just quit my day job and watch TV full time? #agirlcandream

Here’s what I thought about all of this week’s episodes (that I somehow fit into my ridiculously busy schedule).

The Affair logo

The Affair

Half an episode from beautiful Josh Jackson’s point of view? Yes, please! I’ve finally figured out what this show needs: more Cole! How have I not figured this out before? Even sleep-deprived and depressed Josh manages to be charismatic and adorable. He actually has way more chemistry with Alison than Noah. In what universe would Alison leave Cole? I know I watched it happen, but I’m struggling to remember why I believed what I saw.

Homeland logo


So Allison (is everyone’s name Al(l)ison on TV these says?) is one shady bitch. No surprise there, but I don’t get her motive yet. I was wondering if Saul had potentially gone evil, but it looks like the old Saul is still in there somewhere. It also looks like Quinn will live, thank god. I need that gorgeous man to continue to grace me with his presence each week.

supergirl banner


I’m gonna echo Paige’s review and say that this show just makes me happy. It’s cheesy, but it knows it, so that makes it kind of okay. Not sure if it’s just me, but it gives me some serious 90s Power Rangers vibes. I don’t remember much of the show from my childhood, but something about Supergirl just really reminds me of it.

Wicked City logo

Wicked City

Surprisingly, I’m still liking this one. I think they’re dropping the ball a bit on Erika Christensen’s character development, though. She seems to have been lured into the murderer lifestyle pretty quickly and effortlessly. I’m struggling to find it believable—especially because she has two kids. It’s not like Kent has even been all that nice and patient with her. Other than that, I’m digging the show in a weird, twisted way.

Heroes Reborn logo

Heroes Reborn

Time travel on Heroes has always made me feel like I’m going a little crazy. I’m not sure how much my confusion made me miss, but I still got a ton of answers (finally!). As I said last week, the June 13th episodes have definitely been the highlight of the series so far. Matt Parkman’s appearance was pretty disappointing, though. I wanted so much more since he was one of my favorites from the original cast. I hope he comes back at least one more time.

Project Runway logo

Project Runway

Finale fashion week, and Ashley was declared the winner. I guess it was no surprise following last week’s critique, but I was kind of bummed. I thought her runway show turned out better than I expected, but I still thought Kelly and Edmond were both more deserving of the win. To me, Edmond’s clothes looked the most high fashion and well made of the four. I did agree that Candice’s was the most disappointing, so there’s that, at least. I’m looking forward to the reunion show next week. Those things are always a shit show.

How to Get Away with Murder logo-vertical

How to Get Away with Murder

Uh-oh. It looks like Ollie might be the next corpse someone’s hiding on this show. Crazy unknown cousin of the shady siblings got to him. Connor has already been a wreck, so I bet he totally loses it next week. Wes has Levi’s gun, and it looks like it may play a part in Annalise’s shooting. Bonnie appears to be the murderer of the pesky prosecutor in the flash forward, but who knows? Like every other murder mystery, this show is all about red herrings. If not Bonnie, my money is on Asher.

Now that I’m all caught up on this week’s TV, I’m off to relax and enjoy what’s left of the weekend before my crazy TV schedule starts back up again tonight! I’m whining, but I love it. haha

Until the next commercial break,