Bye Bye, Andy! Dancing with the Stars S21:E10

It’s icon night and America’s choice dance-off on Dancing with the Stars! Erin Andrews is back, and I couldn’t be less excited about it. She is just so awkward, and I can’t stand it. For someone who interviews people for a living, you’d think she’d be better at it by now.

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Life got in the way of my and Paige’s plans to get together, so I’m writing the post here, and Paige is live tweeting. That means I’m in charge of the rankings tonight. Mwahaha! Okay, I’ll stop with the evil laughter and get to the recapping and rating now.

1. Nick & Sharna
Icon: His wife, Lauren
Routine: Contemporary
Judges’ Score: 30
He started off stronger than he ended, in my opinion, but it was still a really strong performance—better than he’s been the last few weeks, for sure. He was really moved by the message of the dance, and you could tell. He is just so thrilled to become a father. They revealed in the red room that he and Lauren will be having a boy.

2. Tamar & Val
Icon: Toni Braxton
Routine: Paso Doble
Judges’ Score: 28
She is truly an excellent dancer. She absolutely nails the steps, but she just does not get into character well. Her face shows next to no emotion, and it’s the biggest bummer. I liked that they showed a more vulnerable side to her in the video package this week. It actually seemed like she and Val might finally be getting along too.

3. Bindi & Derek
Icon: Grace Kelly
Routine: Foxtrot
Judges’ Score: 28
The spirit and character of the dance really fit Bindi, and it was entertaining, but it just wasn’t their best dance. I think it paled in comparison to some of the other dances tonight because it didn’t have a moving personal story tied to it. The moral of the story is that when Bindi is good but not great, she’s still better than a majority of her competitors.

4. Alek & Lindsay
Icon: Chris Kyle
Routine: Contemporary
Judges’ Score: 25
Nice work for Alek. I felt like they got into character well, and it didn’t look too stiff or clumsy. They did bobble the second-to-last lift, which was a bummer because the dance was pretty flawless besides that. Side note: Lindsay looked absolutely gorgeous. Can I be her?

5. Carlos & Witney
Icon: Marc Anthony
Routine: Salsa
Judges’ Score: 27
Not his best. I just might not have been a fan of the pink shirt, though; I thought he looked way better once it came off (other than the fumbled lift). He just looked kind of lame in that baggy, hot pink shirt. Carrie Ann basically just vocalized my sentiments exactly. Carrie Ann just gets me.

6. Alexa & Mark
Icon: David (David & Goliath)
Routine: Argentine Tango
Judges’ Score: 25
Poor Alexa. I hate to see her have trouble because she beats herself up for it, and she really is a good dancer. She misstepped a few times, and it ended up looking like Mark was yanking her along part of the way. I also feel like the costuming didn’t do her any favors even though it fit the character.

7. Andy & Allison
Icon: Stevie Wonder
Routine: Viennese Waltz
Judges’ Score: 22
There’s no way anyone made it through his video package without crying. What a touching story about his mom. That being said, his dancing wasn’t quite as good this week as it has been the last few weeks. He’s still leaps and bounds ahead of where he was when he first started, but his dancing this week was just a bit too exaggerated and goofy.


Because Nick & Sharna received the highest score from the judges, they were exempt from the dance-offs and have immunity for next week.

Bindi & Derek vs. Carlos & Witney
Style: Jive
The judges seemed to think it was neck and neck. I don’t know what they were watching. I thought Bindi & Derek slaughtered Carlos & Witney. It wasn’t even a competition. The audience agreed with me (64% voted for Bindi & Derek), but the judges unanimously gave it to Carlos & Witney.

Tamar & Val vs. Alexa & Mark
Style: Cha Cha
I’m really not getting where the judges are coming from on this whole thing. Alexa & Mark were head and shoulders above Tamar & Val for me. They had way more energy and musicality. 76% of the audience and Carrie Ann agreed with me (I told you Carrie Ann gets me). Julianne and Bruno gave it to Tamar & Val.

Alek & Lindsay vs. Andy & Allison
Since when is the worm a Samba move? You tried, Andy. I kind of wish Andy & Allison would have stuck with the Samba moves because I liked them way more at the start, but then it seemed like they gave up? They definitely seemed more energetic and into the music, though, so I’ll give them that. Finally, the judges agreed with me. All the judges and 54% of America voted for Andy & Allison.

America is so on point in my book. Andy & Allison were voted out tonight, and he was definitely the weakest dancer left. He’s a sweet guy, and I’ve got to give him credit for working hard and really improving over the course of the season.

Paige and I should be back together next week for a joint live recap of all the dance shenanigans, so don’t forget to check back here and live tweet along with us!

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