Paige’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 10/18-10/24

My television viewing has been all over the place this week. I missed some of my staples and watched others that I never tune in for. Apologies in advance for the hodgepodge of shows and reactions.

You’re the Worst


You can read my full review on the blog. All I really want to emphasize here is just how good this episode was. If You’re the Worst ended tomorrow I’d be sad but okay, because we were at least given “There is Not Currently a Problem.”

Faking It

faking it

Faking It was just so-so this week. You’d expect more from a prom episode. Liam flirting with Shane’s sister turned into  Liam hooking up with her. Amy might have a new boyfriend (first boyfriend?). Lauren broke up with Theo because he’s creepy and too old, and she was sick of living with secrets. I might have put my own feelings on the “creepy” and “too old” comments, but it is true. Theo macking on a student at the school he’s patrolling as a police officer is too far. Oh, and of course, I should mention that Shane and Karma had a threesome with the guy Shane met at the PFLAG party. How has a show about 16-year-olds that is still in its second season already had two threesome plot lines? The average person goes through their entire life without even one threesome plot line.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“The Oolong Slayer” saw Jake, Holt, and Gina reunited to catch a serial killer. The writing this week was incredible. As much as I love the whole Nine-Nine, Jake and Holt are the heart of the show, and I hadn’t realized how much I missed their chemistry until this past Sunday. After some secret sleuthing, getting caught doing the secret sleuthing, and getting reprimanded, the pair still managed to put the Oolong Slayer behind bars and Holt back to his rightful position as Captain of the Nine-Nine. Terry will be glad that he can finally stop stress eating. I cannot emphasis enough how much I love this series. Any show that can make me laugh at a joke about children who abuse animals is a winner in my book. That sounded weird. If you saw the episode, you know what I meant.

The Vampire Diaries

vampire diariesSorry that this is here and not occupying it’s own blog post, but my schedule was not conducive to The Vampire Diaries this week. I’m still feeling neutral-at-best about this season, but I think Thursday’s episode showed promise. Was it thrilling? No. Did it live up to any of last season? No. It did, however, finally start to build the right kind of tension and promise. Between revealing the fact that Stefan was deflowered by one of the heretics and having Alaric, Bonnie, and Damon team-up, I’m going to give this week a passing grade. The season has a long way to go, but at least the future doesn’t seem quite so bleak anymore.


ollie diggle felicity

Sara (or some form of her) is alive! Diggle and Oliver are friends again! Felicity goes by Ms. Smoak and got to kick some ass! Is anyone else loving this season of Arrow as much as I am? It’s been just so damn good. Life is better when Oliver doesn’t keep secrets. I’m even okay with the flashbacks now that Stephen Amell is no longer in that silly wig. Do we think he’ll end up in Russia? I thought this would be our Russia season. If it isn’t, I bet it is because we aren’t getting a full year of the flashbacks. Five years away from Starling City means five seasons of Arrow. The CW definitely wants Arrow around for far longer than five seasons. I know I do.

The Flash

the flash

Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, and Candice Patton deserve a lot of credit for turning what could have been a very melodramatic story into a heartfelt display of character growth. Iris’ mother had returned after abandoning her family before Barry was even part of the picture. When she left, Joe decided it was better for Iris to think she had a good mother who passed away than know she had a terrible mother who left her child and husband.

Was it smart? Maybe not. Was it coming from a good place? Of course. Joe was terrified to tell Iris until Barry convinced him that she would handle it well. I never expected her to handle it even remotely well. And yet, she did. She even comforted her dad as he finally told the truth. The show zigged where I thought it would zag and I’m grateful for it. In other news, this week’s adventures with Captain Cold were mostly just setting up the spin-off. I’ll definitely be watching that, but I’m annoyed how much it’s cutting into my other DC on CW properties.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy ex-girlfriend

Get past the name and give this show a chance if you haven’t already. It is dark humor wrapped in a cheery, bubbly bow. Rachel Bloom is a performing force to be reckoned with, and I love every minute she is on my TV. If this was a personal blog, I’d dive into why I relate to so much of this show, but thankfully (for your and my sake) you will not be subjected to my own personal stories. I have no idea how the first two episodes have done in the ratings. I hope it is doing well. I am already accustomed to my weekly visit to West Covina.

See what I mean? I watched all kinds of shows this week.

Until the next commercial break,