“Game Over” Heroes Reborn S1:E6

The Heroes saga continued this week with a visit from an old friend—Hiro Nakamura himself! I wish I could say the show improved with his reappearance, but it’s still just barely holding my interest.

Heroes Reborn logo

Tommy continued throwing a hissy fit to Emily over his destiny to save the world until they decided to get out of there. As soon as she said, “Where should we go?” I thought, Oh, God, he’s gonna take her to Paris. How freaking cliche. And yeah, that’s exactly where they went. The show actually had Emily say a line that acknowledged the cliche, but I don’t know if that makes matters any better.

Heroes Reborn - Tommy & Emily

Luke tried to commit suicide, but Malina witnessed it and saved him. They’re teaming up now to find Tommy since she revealed it was his photo in the envelope Farah gave her before she died. I’m interested in what will come of their partnership.

Miko and Ren learned that the game version of Miko’s father was just a guide to help her and that her real father is actually dead. Apparently, the real Miko is actually dead too, and the one we know is just some kind of replacement version? I was a bit lost by that whole thing. Regardless, Hiro was locked in Evernow, and Miko freed him.

Heroes - Hiro & HRG

Quentin and Noah broke into Renautas headquarters, where it’s revealed that the girl who harbors all that crazy dark energy that they’ve been showing here and there is Quentin’s sister, Phoebe. When he tries to stop her, she kills him.

He may not be dead for long, though. Now that Hiro is back, he and Noah are going back to June 13 to change the past, which will inevitably change the present.

I’m hoping the next two episodes will finally reveal what went down on June 13, and a few other familiar faces were teased as coming back as well, so maybe these will be the episodes that finally elevate the season. Fingers crossed!

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