Is this feminism? You’re the Worst S2:E5

I’m currently mid-move and full on frazzled, so I’m not sure if that colored my opinion of episode 5, but yikes. Prepare for some negativity.

Last night’s episode of You’re the Worst, aptly titled, “We Can Do Better Than This,” was a middling episode…at best.

You're the Worst poster

After what I consider a series high, the show flat-lined with a stock episode. Instead of picking up the thread left open when Gretchen ditched in the middle of the night, we reset a few days later. Apparently nothing came of her great escape, and if I’m interpreting this episode’s closer, she makes that escape often and Jimmy willfully ignores it.

I will say, despite my down views on “We Can Do Better Than This,” Chris Geere’s reaction when Gretchen tiptoed out was amazingly well done. Both he and Aya Cash are superb actors and I’m reminded of that whenever I watch.

Most of my frustrations come from what felt like a wasted 22 minutes of plot, but even with that, it was still a funnier comedy than much of what’s on the air right now. Usually, I avoid too much direct discussion of the episode’s jokes, because, let’s face it, my retelling isn’t going to compare to the real thing.

However, instead of spending my whole post knocking down a show I largely love, I figure I should focus on the positive — the humor in “We Can Do Better Than This.”

I adore everything about:

  • What they’re doing with Edgar and his foray into improv. It spoke to my soul when he started picking up imaginary chairs instead of the real ones.
  • Lindsay devouring the news when her mind isn’t consumed by men. She even kind of got what was going on in the world, despite her complete misunderstanding of how to pronounce most of the big words.
  • Jimmy’s love of NCIS: LA (side bar — is that a real show? It’s hard to keep up with the world of CBS procedurals).
  • The fake feud between Sam, Shitstain, and Honey Nutz constantly slipping into a real fight.
  • Whenever Gretchen and Lindsay go to the yogurt place. They’ve moved on from free sample extortion to just plain stealing.
  • And, of course, Jimmy being an erotic writing prodigy at age 11.

Judging from the episode mark we’ve reached, next week might just be this season’s “Sunday Funday” recreation.

What did you all think? Was I too harsh?

Until the next commercial break,