Get Well Soon, Kim! Dancing with the Stars S21:E4

Another Monday, another episode of Dancing with the Stars. The Muppets kicked off the show, and it was all downhill from there. Alfonso Ribeiro was guest judging, so scores were out of 40 this week. Everyone danced to TV themes. Here’s how things shook out and how we’d rank the performances.

Dancing with the Stars logo

1. Alexa & Mark
Jazz to the Breaking Bad theme
Score: 36
We agreed with Carrie Ann about how awesome it was that it was hard to tell who was who at times. Really strong performance. Alexa finally nailed the perfect balance with her character and technique.

2. Alek & Lindsay
Tango to the True Blood theme song
Score: 33
Surprisingly awesome. Due to brief technical difficulties, we had to watch theirs on a cell phone screen, but it looked good at that size.

3. Nick & Sharna
Viennese Waltz to the Downton Abbey theme
Score: 36
It wasn’t flawless, but it was good. One of Nick’s arms was slightly sloppy at times. Overall, it was a really solid effort that should easily keep them around another week.

4. Tamar & Val
Tango to “Beautiful Mind” from Mad Men
Score: 33
They danced as well as ever, but their chemistry was still nonexistent. Taymar’s face is so blank and awkward when she dances, which is so unfortunate because she is actually really good. On a more positive note…her dress, though—SO pretty.

5. Carlos & Witney
Routine: Jazz to “Thank You for Being a Friend” from The Golden Girls
Score: 31
They were hardly recognizable dressed as octogenarians, but they still danced like their usual selves. The judges picked on Carlos a bit, but we still thought he gave a strong performance. We think his height might be working against him.

6. Bindi & Derek
Quickstep to the theme from The Jeffersons
Score: 32
Even with two days less rehearsal time, Bindi out danced most of the competition. The judges were harsh but still scored them highly. They’re definitely at the top of the pack.

7. Hayes & Emma
Jive to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song
The costumes and choreography were cute, but something about it was a bit too slow, and Hayes’ jive steps didn’t have enough energy or bounce. He’s got a good attitude, so we hope he sticks around and gets a chance to improve.

8. Andy & Allison
Quickstep to the theme from American Bandstand
He’s bringing back the resting mascara face. Andy Grammer’s mouth is just ALWAYS open. The dancing was okay. Nothing too special, but they’re cute.

9. Gary & Anna
Tango to The Addams Family theme song
This dance played to Gary’s (limited) strengths. The stiffness of his character really hid his flaws. Erin still visibly cannot stand interviewing him.

10. Paula & Louis
Samba to the Gilligan’s Island theme
Score: 20
We really weren’t sure how this was a samba. Louis may have been moved to tears, but we weren’t.

11. Kim & Tony
Unfortunately, after Kim’s mini-stroke last Tuesday, she was not able to fly to LA to dance. She was cleared to dance but not to fly, so she was disqualified from the competition. We really feel bad for her since she was very committed to improving each week. We wish her the best!

Paula & Louis and Andy & Allison were the bottom two, but Kim’s disqualification kept them both in the game. We hope Paula won’t be so lucky next week. Check back in with us next Monday for more of our live commentary. Let us know in the comments what you think of our rankings!

Until the next commercial break,

Paige and Laura