Laura’s Weekly TV Wrap-up Reactions 9/19/15-9/25/15

Paige and I are only two people, and we like to think we have a life outside of blogging, so unfortunately, we can’t do extensive coverage on every show we watch during the week. That being said, we still want to share our biggest reactions with you. Enter our weekly wrap-ups!

We may not both do one every week (Paige is out of town at the moment, so you’re stuck with just me this weekend), but we’ll do our best to capture our reactions to all of the biggest moments in our weekly TV lineup. Here are mine for this week!

Masters of Sex logo

Masters of Sex

SO much tension at the dinner. I’m dying for Bill to finally fully open up to Virginia about his feelings, but he may be too late now that Dan beat him to the finish line. I love Dan, but Bill and Virginia are endgame for me.

My heart is TRULY breaking for Libby. She used to be my least favorite character, but I’ve been really loving her lately—especially in this episode. I really want her to find happiness and stop constantly sacrificing her own well being for everyone else’s.

Chasing Life logo

Chasing Life

I totally called Beth’s pregnancy from the beginning of the episode. I saw that coming a mile away.

I’ve really been digging that they’ve brought back more of the cast from The Post lately. The show had really been missing something for me for most of the first half of the season, but I feel like they’re finally finding their footing again—especially now that they’ve toned down April’s grieving widow routine. It was understandable but annoying. Also, I dig Brenna/Finn.

Dancing with the Stars logo

Dancing with the Stars

We have a whole post on this (actually, two), but I’ll just say my favorites so far are Carlos, Nick, Bindi, and Alexa. They have the best combos of good personality and dance ability. In my opinion, America got it right with booting out Chaka Khan and Victor Espinoza. Their routines were painful.

The Muppets logo

The Muppets

I really wanted to love this, but I just didn’t. I was a huge fan of The Muppet Show as a child, but this missed the mark for me. I barely laughed. There were a few good lines, but I thought most of the dialogue could have been so much punchier.

Being that pilots are notoriously awkward, I’m gonna give this one a few more weeks to pick up speed before I decide whether I’m sticking with it or not. For those wondering what it was like, it was a hybrid of The Muppet Show, The Office, and 30 Rock. Promising premise, but the execution is not there yet.

Heroes Reborn logo

Heroes Reborn

You can check out my full post, but in summary, they’re doing a good job at staying true to the original thematically and aesthetically; the problem is that the new cast of heroes is missing the charisma of the old group.

Project Runway logo

Project Runway

Laurie’s outfit was beyond atrocious and embarrassing. I felt horrible for her poor model. The only reason she was saved over Lindsey was because Lindsey had the worse track record. That being said, I think Laurie’s days are numbered if she doesn’t get her act together.

I really hope Swapnil was not discouraged enough by being middle of the pack to revert back to his time-wasting ways. He’s so much better when he actually puts in some effort and craftsmanship. I think he could have been in the top this week if he had chosen different fabrics and/or an alternate color palette. Either way, he’s probably a lock for the finale. He, Edmond, and Candace or Ashley (or both) are my guesses for who’s headed to fashion week.

How to Get Away with Murder logo-vertical

How to Get Away with Murder

I want to really love this show, but I just can’t quite get there. It’s still one that I look forward to watching, though, and they had a pretty solid premiere. There will usually be a weekly post on this from me and Paige, so look forward to that!

I was shocked they revealed Rebecca’s murderer so quickly. I was dead set on Bonnie being Lila’s killer last season, and when that didn’t pan out, I kind of re-evaluated my opinion on her. Guess I was too hasty. haha Something’s always been off with her, so I can’t say I’m too surprised that she had a murderous streak in her after all.

Are they trying to hint that the new brother and adoptive sister in the murder case are having an affair? If not that, something else weird is going on for sure. They’re definitely not as innocent as they are trying (and failing) to seem.

So…I think that’s it. If you can’t tell, I watch a lot of TV. The sad (happy?) thing is that within another couple of weeks, even more shows that I watch are coming back. (Hello, Finding Carter, Homeland, The Affair, and The Good Wife!) Just more of my commentary for you to look forward to! 😉 Let me know in the comments if you (dis)agree with any of my opinions!

Until the next commercial break,