This Episode Was Better than Sex. Masters of Sex ‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ S3:E10

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I’m typically not a fan of period pieces. That being said, Masters of Sex is my absolute favorite show on television right now. It’s beautiful, dark, and sexy, and it’s filled with a cast of multi-layered, morally gray characters. What more could you want?

I love what they’re doing with Masters this season. While there have been glimpses of it here and there in past seasons, they are finally really peeling back the layers of his gruff exterior and revealing the full extent of his vulnerability. My heart really broke for him when he fell apart after his encounter with Nora.

Masters of Sex Disheveled Bill

As a diehard Masters/Johnson shipper, it’s been hard for me to accept Virginia being with someone else, but if it was going to be anyone, I’m glad it’s Dan Logan. This is probably mostly because I adore Josh Charles; I’ve had a crush on him basically since I was old enough to have crushes.

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's DeadLittle me wanted to be Christina Applegate in this movie SO bad.

If you haven’t seen him in the 90’s classic Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Last I checked, it was available on HBO NOW, so you should probably go watch it (only after you finish reading my post, of course).

Masters of Sex Dan Logan

Anyway, I’d been in mourning over not getting to see Josh on a weekly basis since he left The Good Wife, so it’s been a pleasure to have him back on my TV screen, and I find his character very interesting. He’s essentially the foil to Masters—easygoing, open, and popular in stark contrast to Masters’ rigidity and awkwardness. I’m interested to see how far they take his character.

One of the biggest character transformations has taken place with Libby. She was one of my least favorite characters when I first began watching the show, but she has grown immensely, and I was moved to tears during both her emotional scenes with Paul this week. I love that they’re finally putting her on a viable path toward happiness, but that path will still be bumpy enough that it will create lots of drama and tension for the show.

Masters of Sex Libby and Paul

Finally, I was floored by the Nora reveal! I knew her relationship with Masters was building to a crescendo, but I didn’t see it going the way it did, and I never questioned her motives. I think it’s so clever that they painted Masters as the victim in a situation that would almost certainly never be interpreted that way otherwise.

The question now is whether or not Nora felt anything for Masters at all and what effect her feelings will have on the actions she takes regarding their encounter. With the police on Masters’ doorstep in the teaser for next week, things aren’t looking promising for him, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unravels in the next episode!

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